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Helping you to Manage your Kidney's

Kidney Friendly Diet

Our in-house nutritionists and dieticians help you maintain the right weight and food habits. Their services go hand in hand with the medications to help you achieve better results.


We provide fitness training and counselling to help patients manage insulin levels, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Limit Alcohol

We undertake psychological evaluation and conduct patient-education, skills-development and motivation through counseling, as well as relaxation techniques to avoid too much alcohol.

Regular Check-ups

We customize health care by tailoring testing, decisions and treatments to the individual.

Preventive Care

With regular check-ups and timely intervention, we help you prevent kidney problems and the complications due to those problems

Weight Loss

We assist you in achieving your optimal body weight, thereby preventing the development of causes and making control easier if you have already been diagnosed with CKD.

Smart and Hassle-Free

A friendlier healthcare experience


•More than Years of Service in health Care
•Clinical excellence based on decades of extensive research
•Modern Facilities Available
•Years of Patient Service
•Complete Range of Kidney Care Services
•Customized Kidney treatment

What Our Patients Say?